What am I?

Monday, 17 January 2011

Jelly bear and Survey Monkey

Originally I wanted to call this blog 'What about a jelly bear?' Of course this blog is not about jelly bears, it'll be my musings about learning technologies. I had to find a name for this blog, and I decided this name would always remind me of the days before I ventured into learning technologies. I had two 1-year old boys in the back of my Morris Minor, and one of them asked this question, out of the blue, very clear and articulated. Ever since then I remember this clear question whenever I try hard to keep matters in focus.

So what about learning technologies for today? I'm trying to design an online questionnaire using the free version of Survey Monkey. Using Survey Monkey is very straight forward, finding and formulating the right questions is hellishly difficult. I've already 'wasted' a whole set of questions just on the demographics, so how am I supposed to keep it short and simple?