What am I?

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Lots of little things

 Time's running fast, and I've discovered that recent working days have been filled with loads of 'little' support requests, which make my days in the office feel rather 'bitty'. Oh well, what can I do? Have to keep track of what my role as learning technologist is about. Am on a quest to find out more about it. In fact, ever since I started my job as learning technologist six and a half years ago - what have I been doing? I've been putting this job in place, defining it with needs arising, new people and influences arriving, technological developments, new pedagogical insights and so on ... It's all about the INTERNET. INTER-what? NET-who? Are we all captured in a huge big net, or are we swimming freely through new digital worlds, happily interacting with each other?

Google image on 8 Feb 2010 - Jules Verne's birthday