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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What's the question?

Which question am I talking about? Good question. I found an article in the ETC Journal:
A journal for education technology & change. The title is:

What a Learning Technologist Needs to be Good At.

Very neat summaries under 4 headings:
  1. Good communication/good teaching
  2. Finding opportunities to spread the word
  3. Adapting your message to the audience
  4. Initiating and taking control of your own learning
Very helpful indeed for reflecting on my own practice. The author (Tom Preskett) claims the last point is possibly the hardest of them all. It is in fact by far the most difficult one for me, too. Setting aside enough time to not only stay on top of the constantly emerging new tools and how to use them, but also to find some space in my diary to find out and think about what colleagues are doing in the field is really hard. For example following all the microblogging of our trade: Of course I'm on Twitter, but I only use it perhaps once or twice a week. Once I'm on there, it's difficult to find a balance between following interesting threads and simply getting distracted ...

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