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Monday, 23 May 2011

Exploring virtual film sets

Hello - I'm Kyramaya

There's a chance I may find my way back into Second Life again, because Immersive Virtual Worlds (IVWs) are perceived to potentially deliver very useful scenarios, and avatars can be the actors in virtual film sets. Unlike real actors in a real film set, they would be perfectly controllable by the avatar creators, BUT: would they be really appealing? How much time would it take to customise scenarios in Second Life to make them suitable for specific purposes? How much effort would I have to put into dressing the avatars according to purpose, and get 'the looks' right? Aaaargh. Lots of questions. Other alternatives need parallel exploration: virtual stage systems, and authoring software for 3D virtual worlds.

Are lots of other learning technologists out there already exploring this agenda?

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