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Friday, 6 May 2011

Learning Technologist - to be or not to be?

Today I received my 'at risk' letter as part of the Brookes re-structuring process. The new job title for what used to be called 'Learning Technologist' seems to be 'Digital media and e-learning developer'. The new job description is not published yet. No room for improvement re career from my humble perspective, but I better wait and see if there's a future at all for my job, never mind the career.

Contemplating to put up this 'Keep calm and carry on' poster, which seems to be everywhere anyway, so why ever not in my office as well? Carrying on calmly is difficult under these circumstances. After 7 years of having done my best as a 'Learning Technologist' (and it was pretty good, if I may say so myself) it feels very odd not be called that any longer, even if I manage to keep my job ...

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