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Friday, 10 June 2011

Back to Business

I'm back at work now, albeit my current office presence is 'virtual', because I'm working from home. Quite appropriate, really, when considering that one of my future projects is called 'Virtual Family Project', or VFP.

Exploring the concept of 'triggers' will be a focal point in this project, rather than creating hoards of virtual people living in virtual towns. That can be done elsewhere. Triggers are supposed to make things happen in your mind, and it's an uncertain process. Hence I'm expecting that it won't be easy to be successful when using triggers, because: who likes uncertainty? But once you've gone through uncertain grounds and come out of it with the feeling you've successfully faced a challenge it should be good, and therefore a valuable experience.

Producing triggers I consider as part of my job, but I've also got to find colleagues who are willing to share their ideas with me, because I'm not the content specialist with regard to a new curriculum for nursing programmes. So team work will be another big challenge along the lines of the project.

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