What am I?

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Testing ... testing ... testing

I'm testing Google+. Is it here to stay? Or will it go away, gently rolling out like Google Wave? The circles connect you quicker than you think. Though that could be a could thing when used to stimulate discussion, I noticed. And perhaps getting more different views than you've bargained for. Good thing or bad thing?

How best to keep up with all these new things? Should I transfer my pictures from Facebook to Google+ for example? There's an app for Chrome to do just this, apparently, and then my lovely photos are stored in yet another place - unlimited and for free. Hooray. Is there any point in trying to keep track? Any thoughts to be wasted on something like 'ownership'? Will all this ownership in the future still make sense? How many other people have taken similar pictures like this one - thousands? Millions? Who knows, and who wants to know ...

Friday, 1 July 2011


I'm currently contemplating a bit of feedback I received yesterday from our Head of eLearning. Apparently, I occasionally 'try to walk through doors which aren't quite open yet'. This can be interpreted in different ways, of course. It may mean I'm attempting to force my way into something I'm not supposed to be in yet. However, it can also mean that I'm trying to move on into areas which I strongly believe we should do more about? And it is well possible that in some cases I'm right - and in others I could be wrong, of course. So it needs to be decided in a case by case approach. My resolution is to seek more feedback from others before attacking the not quite open doors.