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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Listening remotely

#altc2011 - it's possible to listen remotely to some of the ALT-C sessions, and I'm actually now listening while writing ... Seems to work well. 'Bring engagement back into education' just caught my attention. It's coming from a Blackboard Collaborate representative, Rajeev Arora, who is talking about 'the ROI of Online Collaboration: Doing More With Less'. Not sure that the Blackboard technology is utterly central to bringing more engagement into education ... For me it's the individuals who inventively use social media. Just realised that I'm getting lost in my own thoughts about engagement, and wasn't listening any longer to Rajeev. Pleased to see that the chat area is now well used (by the way - ALT is using Adobe Connect rather than Blackboard - irony here?) and that thoughts like this one come up: "Jonathan Kearney (UK): BB dangerous monopoly model? 'we wanted to get into collaborative space - so we bought all the businesses out there' - big danger of squashing innovation"

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