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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Okay - week 1 - nearly done!

Starting on a positive note: The VLE did its duty throughout the week, mostly fast, sometimes slowing down. (Today I had a message that it wasn't accessible off-campus - does this mean it's not available on a slower connection?)

Am literally run down by constant requests, lots of bits and pieces, sometimes easy and quick to resolve, but on occasions I'm wondering how many things can be done at extremely short notice in an instant. Judging by recent days: quite a lot! What I completely missed out on so far this week is: accessing my MOOC and learning new things (this week's topic: Digital Scholarship - Martin Weller). That makes me rather sad. But even worse - I haven't found the time to write some important documents, in pole position a statement expressing my concerns about the audio/digital media capacity within Brookes. I need to get started with this, in a joint effort with Digital Media and E-learning Developers from other faculties, and with Media Workshop.

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