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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

About moodling, and not being in Berlin

Yesterday we had our first 'official' moodle training session here at Brookes. Even though my 'Teaching and Learning with Moodle' course at Greenwich University is now 3 years ago, working with Moodle still feels a bit like 'when working with a VLE it should be Moodle!'. In simple words: I felt pretty much at home. And Moodle has developed quite a bit, so there's a challenge to learn new things! That's - unfortunately - not the only challenge we are facing as Learning Technologists. Some things that went through my head during the session yesterday: it won’t help when I learn how to make best use of moodle. I need to start working on the question how I get it out of my head into other people’s heads. That’s the really tricky bit. Even though moodle isn’t yet integrated with all the different Brookes systems, we need to start with “shifting the paradigm” right now.

Moodling away on the Brookes Moodle installation

It’s not about pressing the right buttons on a computer screen. It’s about starting with a task, and defining it. Understanding a task in all its fine detail, and especially knowing what you want to achieve with it, or better: what students might be able to do with it. Important starting point: writing it down in an electronic text format. Next: matching it to the potential of task building Moodle has to offer. (Which seems quite extensive!)

On another note, I'm seeing all these messages in my Twitter feed of fellow LTs starting their journey to Online Educa Berlin from various cities in Europe ... which makes me feel rather jealous. I really could do with some inspiration at the moment. Not necessarily this one, though: