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Friday, 2 December 2011

Finding virtual 'actors'?

In the context of another project it emerged that it might be quite a challenge to venture into virtual filming in health and social care. It will be very difficult to find the right kind of virtual actors when you don't have a graphics designer working for you full time. The free stuff is so limited that scenarios could easily end up in some kind of farce, or they move so far away from being authentic that there's no point in pursuing to make do with them. Also, there seems to be a matter of personal tastes involved. While conceding we can't please them all, there needs to be a certain consensus. On the other hand, when the re-creation in virtual worlds becomes serious, the dimensions of a project become huge - just found a report on a Virtual World Case Study called 'Second Health':

How can this kind of things be scaled into 'trigger' dimensions?