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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Definitely tough stuff

Learning the 'ins and outs' of a new VLE can be quite tiresome. Most of the neat solutions and work-arounds which I discovered over the years in Blackboard cum CE8 need to be re-learned and/or re-invented. The key phrase in my previous sentence is 'over the years'. Finding equivalent solutions in Moodle has to be done in months, I'm afraid. Today I discovered that there's no such thing as 'fill-in-the-blank' questions in Respondus with a 'Moodle' personality, because there's no such question type in Moodle. There's a 'cloze' question type, which could perhaps be used to replace 'fill-in-the-blank', but it requires a complicated syntax. My solution for today was to replace 2 'fill-in-the-blank' questions with 'matching' questions. My head is aching. Editing in Respondus is still pretty awkward. Nothing seems to be just simple and straight forward. Downloading questions or quizzes into Respondus? Uploading them to Moodle - how to deal with question sets? Formatting in Respondus or in Moodle? How does RADAR fit into this equation? Anyone around with experience in uploading and linking to quizzes in RADAR? Where should the editing be done?

And there are so many more open questions ...

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