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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

An extra day - leaping!

Difficult to decide what to do today. The 29th of February is bound to have an entry in this blog, that's one thing. Will write as I go along, let's see what comes out of this 'bonus' day.

Just started to tackle the 2nd case study in the POOLP project. It always takes time to gather all the bits and pieces because there's always too much time going by when working on a project. How much nicer would it be to be able to concentrate on a project and get it done without having to pick up the pieces from the last time I worked on it ...

Bob (Pomfret) has sent new graphics this morning. That's always what gets me going. Having visuals including a permission to adapt them makes it so much more enjoyable to do the job!

Okay - lots of interruptions today, as usual, but part of the preparation for case study 2 is done. More tomorrow. Planning to see 'The Wistleblower' in UPP. On screen tonight as part of the 10th annual human rights film festival in Oxford!

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