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Friday, 30 March 2012

Moodle - it's beginning to take over ...

Now that the Moodle training schedule in HLS has been published and we already had quite a few requests for our hands-on training sessions, it's become very real that some questions are in need of answers in a fairly short time span. And the training has to run alongside this kind of 'problem solving'. One question concerns all our current so-called 'portals', which should be 'metacourses' in Moodle. Should 'metacourses' provide a programme level entry into Moodle? In which case: could they take over what currently our induction wikis provide? I envisage for example that this kind of 'programme entry' metacourse could be accessible to everyone. It would contain links (among other things, of course) to all the modules related to the programme, but the links can only be used by people who are enrolled. This and other questions need to be considered when deciding on a structure for the Moodle provision in our faculty. And it seems that this structuring task is one to be tackled by Learning Technologists (cum DMeLDs) in each faculty, but I'm not quite sure if I understood that correctly?

Re training: The Brookes Moodle Quickstart guide is done, and it's supposed to form the basis for our hands-on training sessions. But I've just decided what I really want to start with is the 'digital identity', i.e. how to set up your profile in Moodle, and how to see other people's profiles! That's one big improvement which comes with Moodle: it can be more 'personal' than Blackboard CE8, and we really should put an emphasis on this difference. Or at least I think so. I seem to remember that I mentioned this before in our Learning Technologists Forum.

So much for today, which - luckily - is a Friday. Ah, and by the way, I just created a new site:


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