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Monday, 7 January 2013

Time for a first entry in 2013

Today's news: Launch event of OLDS MOOC 2013 at 4pm. I would call this event 'technologically challenged'. It was supposed to run in Cloudworks. Cloudworks was down at exactly the time the launch was planned for. Instead the launch was streamed via Quicktime. The presentation was done in Prezi, hence I was never so sure if what I saw was all I should have seen. It wasn't very interactive from the online viewer perspective, but at least the presenters picked up questions from a twitter stream. The main thing is: this MOOC promises to be interesting, and I'll try to go along with it. Might use it to get back into project related work, rather than moodling along. Revived my cloudworks account. As usual, got into a pickle with resetting passwords.

Now here's the link to the MOOC page which explains what this is all about:


It's still a bit unclear if it'll work for me. We'll see: