What am I?

Monday, 18 February 2013


Started Monday morning with a YouTube recommendation to watch a clip about Bandura's Self - Efficacy. Discovered it was created with Xtranormal, a software which allows to 'instantly create 3D animated movies'.

Nearly 2 years ago I did consider using Xtranormal to create triggers for case studies. Glad I decided that Xtranormal isn't quite suitable, as computer generated voices and the 'boxy' characters just don't do it for me. I still think there could be a good use for Xtranormal, but I'm finding it difficult to figure out what kind of stories would be suitable to be told in this way. In the meantime I put in an order to get a set of Brookes-type cartoon characters produced for a Virtual Family (health care scenarios). I'm still intending to  use Articulate Storyline, but I did encounter the same problem I have with Xtranormal - pre-produced sets of characters simply don't allow enough flexibility. For example, non of the sets provided for use with Storyline has any children, never mind babies ...

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Lunch break

Started with listening to and watching the ALT webinar: OER: Evidence, Experience, Expectations - Webinar. Interesting, but I ended up with more questions than answers (which maybe a good thing). A relaxing online experience (as kind of 'desert) afterwards was studying the online exhibition: A Creative Catharsis. Quite fun (especially from a designer perspective)!