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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

ocTEL Week 1 - another MOOC experience

I'm trying to spend some time following the #ocTEL MOOC. While I'm now at least starting to engage with the material on offer, I'm still finding it difficult to actually participate. The contributions of other participants seem mostly relevant and are good to read and learn from, but there are so many, and I observe myself how I start reading one contribution, while already skimming the lists showing other contributions. Am loving some of the Week 1 resources (TEL concepts and approaches), and I'm amazed I didn't come across most of them beforehand. Some examples:

a hypertext history of Instructional Design - very concise, reminding me of how far back in time the notion of instructional design goes

B.F. Skinner and the Teaching Machine, Tablet Edition - parts of a lecture by Skinner with video footage showing kids working on ipads (interesting to compare this with the original video, which can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTH3ob1IRFo)

Another MOOC participant suggested this could be the modern equivalent of Skinner's teaching machine:

Murdoch group unveils Amplify tablet for US schools

Not yet sure what I'm going to gain from this short exploration but it sure is interesting! I found a very encouraging case study about tablet teaching - or in this case rather 'tablet learning' (!) about Ethiopian kids, which confirms Sugata Mitra's concept of child-driven education.