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Thursday, 16 May 2013

All the things I thought I didn't have ...

... and do find suddenly after years of ignoring them: Trying out new tools (including the social media ones) is part of my job. I'm trying to keep up-to-date, but I discovered I seem to be doing it in leaps and bounds. In the most recent Learning Technologists forum we talked about platforms we could use for sharing insights, links or generally communicate with each other about job related isssues. Diigo (a bookmarking tool) was one of the many tools mentioned during this discussion. Today I discovered not only that I've got a diigo account (set up in 2007 - that seems very long ago!), I also discovered that together with someone else I did set up a diigo group called 'Brookes Learning Technologists'. It wasn't much used ...

Now I'm wondering what I'm going to find in another 6 years - hanging around in cyber space, pretty much un-used... Could it be Twitter?

I'm going to put links to sites I would like reminders of into this blog. OK here's a start - our Faculty of Health & Life Sciences Social Networking Club sits at http://openbrookes.net/hlsclub/

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