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Monday, 13 May 2013

All the things I thought I knew ...

... and didn't quite know about Twitter have been revealed in a session with Anne Osterrieder and Marion Waite, preparing a session for the 'Social Network Club' in HLS. OK, I am using twitter, but in a rather casual way. Most of the day I'm in my office, and online, which is - of course - part of my job. I discovered that twitter easily takes me places on the net, and involves me in discoveries. Luckily they are mostly related to learning technologies, but still it can really distract you from getting on with things that need to be done.

'Striking a balance' is certainly one of the things that need to be learned in the context of twitter (and other social media apps). But there were quite a few other things I wasn't aware of, for example 'tweet privacy': In the account settings is a box you can tick which indicates 'protect my tweets'. And there was I, thinking that twitter is all about going public. Which is true, but you can do it in a controlled way should you wish so. I also learned about lists on twitter, was reminded that I can 'favourite' tweets, and I heard the word 'tweetup' for the first time. I searched it, and on a site appropriately named 'hashtags.org' I found that it's a face-to-face meeting of twitter users for a specific objective, see http://www.hashtags.org/platforms/twitter/what-is-a-tweetup-and-how-do-i-start-one/

And despite the weather not being very warm here in the UK, it's spring, hence twitter users might wish to learn more about 'Twitter Spring Cleaning' also on hashtags.org ...

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