What am I?

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Return to the musings ...

This blog has been badly neglected. Partly due to the fact that I had to run a Tumblr blog as part of a  module I participated in, called 'Web Media'.

Studying on this module was a mixed experience. The good aspect (apart from being allowed to be a student again, if only part-time): I had a great chance to catch up on a few things one of which was, of course, modifying my Tumblr theme, and thus getting into CSS and HTML. More importantly, as part of the module, I started using Mahara as a student, so hopefully I'll now be able to support the introduction of Mahara on a broader base within HLS at Brookes. Reassuringly I managed to get used to Mahara, despite a few issues I still have with the user interface in Mahara.

When it comes to blogging I still prefer Blogger (i.e. this Musings blog), because I don't like having to choose the type of post upfront, as for example suggested in the Tumblr blogging system. This might sometimes be quite convenient, as the formatting is suitable for each different type of post, but personally I find it rather limiting. However, if I would want to run a photo blog it could be just the right choice.

Now, all I have to do is find a way of consolidating my blogging attempts ...