What am I?

Monday, 17 March 2014

Dream Wall Pitch

This partition of the dream wall, which was created at the JISC Digital Festival 2014 (11/12 March) in Birmingham. At first I wasn't sure if I should post it, because it seemed a bit 'out of context' on its own, but I just discovered that it fits in remarkably well with 2 of the current SESE (Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience) pitches at Brookes, which I strongly support:

Monday, 3 March 2014

Short follow-up on 'synchronous'

Today course tutors and TAs had a short snchronous online session to prepare for a new open online course about 'Teaching Online', see:

We used Adobe Connect as our conferencing platform, which is now also part of our 'normal' Moodle provision here at Oxford Brookes University. I do not often say this about technologies (despite being a learning technologist!) but I did really enjoy this online meeting. It was relaxed, no technical problems, and it suddenly felt more comfortable attending a meeting while sitting at my desk rather than being stuck in a meeting room! This might be partly due to the fact that I'm - finally - beginning to get used to meeting others online, but it was also nice to experience how easy and without any problems everything seemed to flow ... 

Perhaps it's a mind set which develops with time, and suddenly it just works? When the technology simply does its job you don't seem to notice it any longer. Might it perhaps become 'second nature' at some stage - even to the ones not being part of the young generation who is naturally tuned into all sorts of online communication technologies? Just wondering ...