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Monday, 9 June 2014

Sustainable Moodle Design

For a particular project, we had a plan to create a moodle page which looks and functions just like a webpage. We were pleased to discover that it's well possible using a complex way of linking activities and resources into moodle pages, and 'orphaning' all sections so that they become invisible but are still accessible for design, and items in the section are still available despite being 'orphaned'. 

After some exploration, we've gone off the idea because it turned out to be rather difficult to maintain/update a complex site with a team of people working on it. I discovered that we're not the only ones who tend to give up 'the looks' in favour of sustainability, when I read the following blog post by David Jones:

Scroll down to the heading 'Avoiding the scroll of death' - that's about making moodle look like a website. David Jones, the author of this blog, thinks that it might 'bite you in the rear end' ... It would be really interesting to do some research to find out if there are alternatives to the 'orphaned' section solution ...