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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Focus: Tools in Learning Technology

Increasingly, working as a learning technologist reminds me of 'looking for a needle in a haystack'. Sometimes, when trying to answer a seemingly straight-forward question along the lines of 'which tool should I use to achieve such and such', I find myself lining up a variety of tools. While talking in response to the question I try to figure out if there is anything on offer that provides the 'ideal' answer, and, of course, there never is. Some tools are free, but miss exactly the functionality that's most wanted. Other tools just cost a lot of money, and offer so much more than you ever asked for, and thus tire you out in the attempt to explore their potential.

The biggest issue is time. Who's got the time (or the will, for that matter): (A) to make an informed choice amongst a wealth of different tools, and (B) to spend hours on figuring out how something works? Does this not often end up in having figured out the tool, but then time's up, and no outcome/product? So, it seems I better start learning how to make a split second decision on what's the best tool for a specific purpose ...