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Monday, 24 November 2014

Think Visual Course @BUFVC

The full title for this course on 20.11.2014 was Think Visual: video storytelling in education. It focussed very much on 'being able to identify what makes good video for teaching and learning purposes', and thanks to a good presenter from the Open University, Catherine Chambers, and a diverse and lively audience it turned out to be much more than just a pleasant day away from the office in good company. Here's my personal hit list of reminders and pointers to take away:

First and foremost: "hook" the audience - the trick is to make something engaging! But: how?

We watched a series of video snippets, mostly on YouTube, to identify the factors that make something engaging. When working with a presenter, a lot depends on the personality of the presenter, and how she/he manages to capture the audience, which is, of course, what makes TED (in addition to the production value) so successful. Considering your audience, telling a story, finding the right tone and style, nicely put into the appropriate setting, while considering different learning styles - visual, auditory and tactile.

This was all about reminding us of what I would call 'the basics'. The interesting discussions which came up throughout were about lecture capture, the 'flipped classroom' concept and using slides and still images in videos. This was (from my perspective) important because it all relates to a trend in our daily requirements as DMeLDs (Digital Media and eLearning Developers). Personally, I was especially intrigued by a presentation created mainly from (good quality) still images, connected with text based reporting, diagrams and good audio and even some music. So, the plan is to explore how I can put this into practice in my working environment. (To be continued ...)