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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Contemplating options

We've been acquiring  new kit recently, all in the name of 'lecture capture'. This serves as an umbrella term for all sorts of things, starting from straightforward lecture recording to 'flipping the classroom'. The latter is still often used for the delivery of audio-narrated PowerPoints via the VLE, which has its place in the context of providing more time for seminars and discussions ...

The next step, of course, is all about making best use of the kit. First of all, we'll need to publicise that it is available, what can be done with it, how it will be supported. The question I'm asking myself first of all: Will it be welcome? It seems kind of a difficult task to give it its 'rightful' place in the context of learning and teaching, rather than either having it considered as an extra 'burden', or something that can 'rationalise' the provision, make it more streamline, convient, easy? How can people remember slightly complicated setups, like for example the use of  a camcorder, a 'swivl', a mic in combination with MyMediasite, when they will only use them very occasionally? I had some trouble yesterday, with simple editing steps in Adobe Premiere, because it's almost a year ago that I last used this powerful tool. It felt a bit like starting from scratch all over again, even for me, who should be used to technology of all kinds ... Admittedly, this post is literally just a musing, no more and no less. And realising in the process that lecture capture still has to find its place in all respects.