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Monday, 23 March 2015

IT infrastructure ...

Just read a short blog entry about 'Universities struggle with IT', see http://edtechnology.co.uk/Article/universities-struggle-with-it #edtech

While I do (obviously) agree with the statement that a sound IT infrastructure enhances the student learning experience, I do not like the way this entry (almost) suggests that student learning works out well when an excellent IT infrastructure is guaranteed. Ideally, a decent IT infrastructure delivers what I would call the 'basics', from where we should move on. Too much of what used to be 'new technology' is now 'embedded' - so much so that the question arises, "if it is pushing boundaries or simply ossifying business-as-usual, petrifying forms of practice we assumed the ‘new’ of digital would disrupt!", as David White states in Post-digital revisited.

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