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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

2015 End of year musings ...

I just realised that throughout the year 2015 I've been guilty of not following one of the good practice guidelines for running a blog, which is 'to update regularly'.

What might be the reasons for this? Normally, I would simply resort to the usual excuse of 'not enough time in the day'. But when looking at my posting history I have to admit that I wrote more when I had less time. Which seems to indicate that 'less time' equals 'more things going on', and hence there would be more to write about. There's a suspicion lurking in the back of my mind that some kind of procrastination has started. My original enthusiasm for using the positive potential of technology for learning and teaching might have been dampened by routine and 'business as usual', perhaps? Which, in turn, would follow a current trend in learning technologies? There's still a lot of work to be done, but how much of it is now 'just stuff that needs to be done' as opposed to being creative, inventive, innovative?

What kind of things spring to mind to help me remedy this situation? Here's at least one, just to make a start: Very recently, I attended a short video course at filmoxford as part of my continuous professional development. It was an extremely positive experience, due to a variety of factors. Firstly, we had a very capable and enthusiastic course tutor, Zoe Broughton. Also, I felt very lucky regarding the topic chosen for the short film sequence we had to produce in groups: we had the chance to work together with Jane and Jason. Jane has MS, and Jason is her canine partner. Both patiently went along with us for hours on end to produce footage for the sequence. Please see for yourself - here's a link to a short sequence about Jane and Jason:

Video production is obviously one of the technologies which recently have become a lot more accessible and easy to use. I've seen it put to extremely good use in one of our modules here in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, where Physiotherapy students produced videos demonstrating treatment techniques ... There might be potential for workshops and tutorials for people who don't feel comfortable with just 'doing it'?

I'm going to review the situation, and make a fresh start in January ... I've got the feeling the enthusiasm isn't quite dead yet. It just needs some TLC to resurface!