What am I?

Friday, 3 February 2017

Slow musings ...

I just noticed that my last entry (about the Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference in July) is already more than half a year old, and I'm asking myself if there isn't that much happening any longer which would be worthwhile musing about.

One of the things attracting me to learning technologies has been that there's always something new happening, because of the swift speed of technology developing in general. This may still be the case, but it seems to me quite different now. The technology tools we can use as part of the learning and teaching process have become so numerous that it can be increasingly problematic to choose the right one. Often, there isn't a right one - each and every tool has its up- and its down-sides, and in my observation the 'younger' generation of lecturers in HE are simply using what's available, accessible, free and convenient. Which is good, but it makes the 'advisory' role quite difficult, if and when they come with questions. It's increasingly impossible to cover all the ins and outs.

I wrote the two paragraphs above before I visited the BETT 2017 show on 27 January. And I was flattened by the amazing amount of tools thrown at schools, teachers, and (a little further down the line) FE and HE institutions, all in the name of 'making learning awsome' - see http://www.bettshow.com/Content/about-bett. I'm wondering: How much time in the day should we/do we (with 'we' I'm cautiously referring to learning technologists in this instance ...) have to spend on using (or learning about using?) digital technologies? As the weekend is about to start, I'm going to close down my computer now, and give myself a strict order not to fuss around with my mobile phone over the weekend. At least not too much :)

And here are a few visual impressions, as usual: