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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The upside of recording a presentation

Occasionally, it's part of my job to pick up a video camera and record a presentation, if and when our lecture capture system doesn't fulfil the specs of the intended outcome of the capture. It's not a very challenging job, hence I often use the time to follow the presentation, happily learning the odd new thing in the process.

Today I captured Chris Cloke's presentation during the 'Children and Families Research Group' seminar, 'How safe are our children - learning from the NSPCC research'. Chris is the Head of Safeguarding in Communities, National Services, NSPCC, and he made sure that I learned a lot about the work the NSPCC does. As a learning technologist, I particularly concentrated when Chris talked about 'Make children safe from abuse online', which is one of the five NSPCC priorities. In this context he did show us this slide:

While I was aware of the fact that children's lives are increasingly lived online, I was certainly not aware of the rapid increase in the number of children using a tablet - from 1 respectively 2% to 80 respectively 74% within just six years. Lots of thoughts spring to mind: how many hours a day do children spend online? What are their activities during that time? How effective are our attempts to 'make children safe from abuse online'? What are the most effective measures anyway? As we can't keep a constant watch over them, and as putting 'locks' everywhere can be quite counterproductive, the best measure seems to lie in education. An education that helps children to cope with the quite overwhelming flood of stimuli, information, images ... and also helps them to protect themselves! The NSPCC website has, of course, lots of relevant information on this topic, see for example Dare to debate: online safety.  And how can we provide an adequate education, when we really haven't quite worked out for ourselves how to cope with all the 'online stuff'? Before I end up in a rant, I better stop my 'thinking aloud'. Need a clearer head for these thoughts than the one I have at 6pm in the evening, still sitting in front of my computer screen ...